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SAN DIEGO — Housing prices in the San Diego area are among the highest in the country and the demand for affordable housing continues to grow.

On Monday, during a rare meeting, the County and City of San Diego held a housing summit at San Diego State and passed a resolution to expand affordable housing.

It was the first joint meeting between the County Board of Supervisors and the City Council in 22 years.

“We’re talking about San Diegans,” said City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera. “Unless you’re making a ton of money, you are in a place where housing is not secure and that is a problem. It’s a problem that should concern all of us.”

After presentations were made by multiple housing groups, county supervisors and city council members passed a resolution to build 10,000 affordable housing units on government-owned land by 2030.

“The resolution the county and city passed allows us to drive toward an ambitious goal of building more affordable housing in the region and puts us in alignment with how to achieve it,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher.

The resolution also vows to leverage available funds for housing and explore housing densification options.

“For me, the city council, it’s our job to go back and turn those commitments into action that actually produce homes,” said Elo-Rivera. “It’s the beginning of something really important in terms of San Diego actually moving toward the housing goals that we have.”