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SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The U.S. Navy announced Saturday 103 new cases of coronavirus onboard the San Diego-based aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, bringing the number of positive cases on the ship to 550.

“As of today, 92% of the USS Theodore Roosevelt crew members have been tested for COVID-19, with 550 positive and 3,673 negative results,” Navy officials said Saturday.

In response, 3,696 sailors have moved ashore, which includes 518 who were taken off the ship since Friday.

The Navy issued new COVID-19 guidance on Friday, saying “individuals identified as having confirmed or probable COVID-19 will be placed under isolation and evacuated off the ship as soon as practical if developing more severe symptoms.”

The Navy added that “the majority of COVID-19 patients will have mild symptoms and can remain on ship and be monitored until meeting return to work criteria.”

The nuclear-powered ship’s outbreak has been in the spotlight since Capt. Brett Crozier sent a memo pleading for help after dozens of people on the ship had tested positive. Capt. Crozier was removed from his post as commanding officer.

In his memo, Crozier urged that about 90% of the ship’s more than 4,000 sailors be moved ashore and into quarantine, saying “decisive action is required.”