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SAN DIEGO — The San Diego International Airport announced Monday that masks are no longer required while traveling after a ruling from a federal judge in Florida overturned the national mask mandate for planes and other public transportation.

“Our primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of the traveling public. We will continue to comply with TSA guidance on masking. At this time, TSA’s mask mandate is not in effect,” the airport said in its latest tweet.

The ruling comes less than a week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the mandate for another 15 days until May 3. But the judge ruled the government overstepped its authority with the mandate.

Travelers at SAN reacted to the mask mandate change.

“I was relieved to hear that we no longer have to wear masks on flights, which is great news, of course. I want everybody to be safe, getting back to normal which is nice,” one traveler said.

Others didn’t feel the same way, however.

“It’s mixed feelings,” another traveler said. “I’m not too sure if I’m like OK with it. I’m still going to keep wearing it either way, especially out in the airports.”

FOX 5 talked with local public affairs attorney Chris Morris right after he read the 59-page ruling.

“The travelers should do what their conscience tells them to do, right, is what they’re comfortable with and their risk level that they’re willing to tolerate, but what this does is impede and inhibit any government official or steward or flight attendant or pilot from enforcing the mask mandate. So all those battles you’ve been seeing on the planes and stuff, those are all going by the wayside at least until this thing is there’s a stay or this thing is turned over on appeal,” Morris explained.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System said on Twitter they are “aware of the Florida federal court ruling, but are waiting for guidance from the federal government.”

“Until that time, we ask that passengers continue to wear masks on MTS. We’ll continue to monitor this development & share info with riders as it becomes available,” the public transit service provider stated.