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SAN DIEGO — Costco in Mission Valley is typically busy – but even more so with growing concerns over the coronavirus.

“It’s certainly not panic mode yet, but you never know when it could get to that point,” said shopper Dylan Craver.

Inside the store, shoppers with full baskets wait in long lines – and many items are in short supply or sold out.

Charles Deberry said his wife sent him on a mission to stock up on essentials.

“The wife she told me, ‘Get out to Costco today, because it’s going to get crazy.’ She heard about the deaths in Washington — says we need to get prepared,” said Deberry.

Some shoppers are wearing the face masks the CDC is urging people to stop buying because they are not effective in stopping the spread of the virus. But at a nearby CVS, they are quickly selling out, along with hand sanitizer.

“Like they said, washing hands — not shaking hands, using sanitizer — like the stuff they say we should be doing for the flu,” said shopper Tiffanie Walker.

Many others are taking things in-stride and believe the coronavirus scare is over-hyped.

“Hooey! That’s how I would describe it, yes,” said one shopper.