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SAN DIEGO — Fifteen COVID-19 cases among employees at the Rock Church prompted church officials to limit Sunday services, including some next weekend.

In a statement on Sunday, the church announced that it recently learned 15 employees had tested positive for coronavirus across its five campuses. The church said it is helping those workers get the care they need, and the affected employees are self-quarantining.

“None of our staff have been hospitalized. They are about split of symptomatic and asymptomatic. They are quarantining and doing well,” said Executive Pastor Lisa Penberthy.

In light of the outbreak, the church said it would limit its in-person Sunday services to only its Point Loma and microsite locations on May 16 and May 23. Members can also worship with the church online on the website or its Facebook and YouTube pages. 

The Rock Church said its facilities undergo a thorough cleaning and disinfection multiple times per week.

“With this outbreak, we did a deep clean on our Pt. Loma campus on Saturday, as well as our City Heights campus. We will do the rest of the campuses this week as those buildings are closed,” said Penberthy.

“We will continue our cleaning regimen in accordance with CDC recommendations. Please make sure you and your families continue to engage in the recommended precautions to reduce the transmission of COVID-19,” the statement said.