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SAN DIEGO – All residential students and student-athletes at San Diego State Unversity now will be required to get the COVID-19 booster shot, the university said Thursday.

Those students must have the shot on file with the university by Jan. 18 or else they’ll be required to submit a negative COVID test at least every seven days. The COVID-19 vaccine already was a requirement for students, faculty and staff at the university unless a medical or religious exemption was on file.

All students who upload shot records to the university before Jan. 3 will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card, according to SDSU. They’ll also be eligible for other prizes including iPads, bookstore gift cards and campus dining credit if proof of a booster is uploaded before Jan. 17.

The university is encouraging those with an approved religious or medical exemption to become vaccinated, including getting the booster shot when eligible.

SDSU’s policy on masking also remains the same and complies with a statewide indoor mask mandate that was rolled out this week amid concerns over rising case rates in California.

Need to find a booster shot in San Diego County? The CDC recommends visiting, calling 800-232-0233 or texting your zip code to 438829.