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SAN DIEGO — Forty-four thousand Chromebook computers are in the process of being delicately passed out to San Diego Unified School District parents waiting to get their kids schooling restarted.

At the handoff spot Monday, parents teachers and administrators were all wearing masks and keeping their distance. Parents lamented their predicament but appreciated the school district attempting to refocus their kid’s homebound, wayward energy.

“It’s been a tough few weeks. I have a 4, 7 and 13-year-old and they are not easy,” a dad named Stewart told FOX 5.

The San Diego Unified School district has “soft launched” their online education program for their roughly 100,000 students.

The district’s soft launch of its online education program for roughly 100,000 students began Monday. Now, the staff is working out all the kinks before grading will restart on April 27. One of the biggest challenges for the district is ensuring each student has internet access for their online classes.