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SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Police Officers Association announced Wednesday it’s filing an injunction against the city of San Diego to record meetings about the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Requests to forego the vaccine are still under review by the city, but the result of noncompliance could mean that hundreds of San Diego police officers lose their jobs. The vaccine deadline for city workers was Dec. 1.

Jack Schaeffer, president of the SDPOA, said officers should be allowed to record their vaccination interviews with the city. He alleges the city is not allowing that to happen.

“I can’t think of a good reason for the city to disallow recordings,” Schaeffer said.

SDPOA is filing the injunction aiming to be able to record the interviews.

As of Tuesday, 488 SDPD officers requested exemptions to avoid the vaccine. Of those, the vast majority were for religious reasons while 10 of the requests were listed as medical reasons.

“Most interviews that can lead to serious discipline, we have the right to record,” Schaeffer said. “We feel like this is one of those interviews because if they don’t like your answers or whatever – up to termination is what the discipline would be for some of these reasonable accommodations not given.”

The city did not immediately respond to a reporter’s request for comment about the injunction.