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LA MESA, Calif. — The City of La Mesa joined the City of San Diego Tuesday in announcing the suspension of issuing parking tickets until further notice. 

The move by the city manager was prompted by complaints from several people who woke up to tickets on their cars parked on the street during street sweeping. 

Many people are staying home to comply with the County of San Diego’s public health order limiting gatherings to fewer than 10 people in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

The city manager also told FOX 5 he will be looking into refunds for those who received tickets Tuesday. 

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer also announced people will not have to worry about many kinds of parking tickets during the pandemic. However, citations will still be issued to any driver parking in a red, white or blue zone, or parking in a such a way that it creates a hazard.

“This is going to be difficult times for folks and we want to make it easier on them to stay at home and not have to worry about a parking ticket,” Faulconer said.