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SAN DIEGO — The County of San Diego Monday afternoon confirmed 36 new coronavirus cases, bringing the number to 230, a jump from 205 cases on Sunday, after subtracting from its data 11 patients who were under federal quarantine at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Those patients were being sent home Monday, Wooten said. No additional deaths were reported.

The first COVID-19 death of a San Diego resident was reported Sunday by San Diego County Health Department officials.  The man, who was in his early 70s, died in Santa Clara County, Wooten said. She said he had recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, but no further information was released. That individual remains the only death from COVID-19 from the county.

Of the 230 people in the county with positive diagnoses, health officials said 213 are county residents and 17 are not county residents. Men testing positive outnumbered women 145-84.

Of the 37 patients who have been hospitalized, 34 are county residents. Seventeen of those hospitalized were in intensive care units, as was one non-county resident.

San Diego County’s chief medical officer said Sunday that he availability of respirators and the capacity of intensive care unit beds has improved. Dr. Nicholas Yphantides said at a Saturday briefing that when he looked at some of the data, he saw “something pretty remarkable. The availability of ICU beds and the number of respirators that are available has actually grown.”

U.S. Pacific Fleet officials announced Sunday that seven sailors who were aboard San Diego-based ships have tested positive for COVID-19. Two sailors tested positive Friday and five more tested positive Saturday, according to a statement released Sunday from U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs office, which said the seven are isolated off ship and restricted in movement in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

“Personnel who were immediately identified as having close contact with these sailors have been notified, placed in a restriction of movement status at their residences off the ship and are being monitored,” the statement said. The Navy didn’t say which ships the sailors who tested positive were on, but the ships involved are screening all personnel coming aboard and undergoing deep cleaning with bleach twice a day.

A sailor from Naval Base Coronado reported symptoms of COVID-19 to his supervisor last Tuesday, according to officials from the base. He tested positive on Friday and is now restricted to his residence, receiving medical care, and personnel who had close contact with him were notified and were self- quarantined at their homes.

Three Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar have also tested positive for the virus, leading to new health protections on that base.