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SAN DIEGO — As COVID-19 cases surge in San Diego County, long lines continue at testing sites. But with the skyrocketing demand for testing, county health officials are warning about scam pop-up sites.

Adrian Tofoya said he didn’t expect to be at the county testing site in City Heights after recently going to a free pop-up testing site nearby. He said he got tested, then was told he’d get results in a couple of days.

“I never got results. Two weeks later I’m here in City Heights,” said Tafoya.

Ian Blalock runs a free testing site in Clairemont and says they’ve been extra busy since Christmas. He says testing is done by Immunogenomics, a lab in Texas.

“Just do free testing under the Cares Act bill. We’re not with the county and a lot of people get confused with that, thinking we’re not legitimate because we’re just in a parking lot. We’re fully FDA approved,” said Blalock.

“I like to say testing is today’s toilet paper — everybody wants it right now, going off the shelves,” said Dr. Eric McDonald, chief medical officer for County Health and Human Services.

He says many sites are legit, but listed red flags people should watch out for.

“When you ask them what test is being run? What lab is running it? What organization they’re with. And they also can’t produce a document showing they’re a medical professional of any type, which you have to be in order to collect that type of specimen in the field,” said McDonald.

Visit the County of San Diego website and the California Department of Public Health website for more information and tips.