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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – People 50 and up are now eligible to get vaccinated in San Diego County, with the state rolling back eligibility requirements in response to an expected supply increase.

As of this week, California’s shipments will increase about 25% to 2.4 million doses. By mid-April, that number will go up another 25% to 3 million doses.

Still, “eligibility isn’t always availability,” warns Myron Soyangco, who calculates vaccine supply for the Chula Vista super station.

He points out it’s still a challenge for many to get an appointment online. It’s only likely to get tougher starting April 15, when the state will open vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and up.

Once that happens, the county could be looking at 40 to 50,000 appointments a day. Even if supply is able to keep up with the demand, the county may have a new issue on its hands.

“It’s just a rallying cry for volunteers and it’s everybody that we can get,” Soyangco said.

He says it used to be easy to find volunteers. Those who worked three shifts got vaccinated without needing to make an appointment. Now, he says most of those people have moved on and there’s a shortage in helping hands. So, even if vaccine supply meets demand, if there’s no one to distribute it, then it’s a moot point.

“Even if you think you’re not the most computer-savvy, we have a role for you,” Soyangco said. “It’s an important role for you here at this clinic.”

You can learn more about volunteering at vaccination sites here.