SAN DIEGO — The first kids ages six months to five years old in San Diego County will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine at Rady Children’s Hospital starting Tuesday, now that the FDA has authorized both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for the youngest remaining age group.

It will not be the only place administering COVID-19 shots for those five and under, but the hospital says it will likely be the first place in the county due to how they prepared for this latest authorization.

“Our hospital has a track record of ordering at the moment that you can start your pre-order. We got hundreds and hundreds of doses in last week and we’re continuing to get them in this week, so we are ready to go,” said John Bradley, medical director of infection diseases at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Rady Children’s Hospital will begin its vaccine clinic for the youngest age group yet Tuesday morning at 7 a.m.

Even if your child has recently had COVID, they can be vaccinated fairly soon after. Bradly recommends the vaccine within 90 days after the infection, but as soon as 14 days after if asymptomatic.

For youth in this age group, the vaccine will be a lower dose and require multiple shots. For those receiving Moderna, kids will need two doses and for Pfizer, three will be required.

“If you’re getting Pfizer, you need to remember to go back to your clinic and your practitioner to get that third dose. You are not protected with two doses,” Bradley said.

The vaccine is administered just like any other – usually in the arm, but for infants in the thigh. 

The hospital recommends appointments, which can be booked online through MyChart or MyTurn or people should call their personal pediatric office to see when vaccines for five and under will be available.

“Virtually every clinic and pediatric group is ordering vaccines and this will become one of the regular vaccines that kids get. It will probably be one of the Fall vaccines just like influenza because I don’t think COVID is going away, I think we will be seeing another variant in the near future,” Bradley said.