Rady Children’s Hospital to store COVID-19 vaccine


SAN DIEGO – Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego confirmed Tuesday it has been asked to store some of the COVID-19 vaccine by the state’s Department of Public Health.

The location has the right low temperature freezer storage capacity and security controls to serve as a storage site for the vaccine until it is approved, hospital spokesman Carlos F. Delgado said.

“We currently do not know how much vaccine we will be storing, when it will arrive, or who will receive it first,” Delgado said. “Rady Children’s is proud to be part of this initiative that could help bring an end to the pandemic and keep our community safe.”

But San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher warned Tuesday that the vaccine won’t be as quick a fix as some might expect.

“The numbers that we are likely to get are going to be very small compared to the total population and it is likely going to take many months before we have enough vaccines to truly be out of this,” Fletcher said. “The news of a vaccine coming does not allow us to take our foot off the gas pedal on the measures we are taking. “

Fletcher added, “We have to slow the spread now.”

A vaccine distribution plan has not been announced, but both the county and state say they will be following the federal government’s lead.

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