Point Loma students wait out virus order in dorms


SAN DIEGO — A shelter-in-place order is still active at Point Loma Nazerene University after a spike in COVID-19 cases, and some students living in the residence halls have to stay on their respective floor.

Campus life was quieter than normal Wednesday afternoon.

“Honestly, there’s been a pretty big, dynamic change on campus. Like just walking around, talking to friends, you can already tell everyone is talking about quarantining,” said Anthony Thome, a freshman at the school.

He lives on the first floor of Klassen Hall. It’s one of three dorms that’s been told to shelter in place, a move that affects about 50 students.

“It is a little worrying though how fast it’s spreading and how much talk there has been about it in the past couple of days,” Thome said.

The other two impacted dorms are Young and Hendricks Halls. The university says they’ve been able to trace the cases and close contacts to those specific locations. As of Wednesday, 14 new cases have been reported. That brings the total number of cases for the school to 19.

Thome says that’s a little worrisome: “If it’s going at this rate, then it just makes you think, it’s just going to keep going up and be hard to stop from here.”

One upperclassmen, who didn’t want to go on camera, says she wasn’t too shocked when the school informed students about a spike in cases.

“No, because I feel like it’s warranted. There’s a lot of people moving back on campus and if there is a big move of people coming in, obviously there’s going to be more cases.”

She said it’s mostly freshmen who live in the affected halls.

Since all courses are online, students don’t have to worry about missing class. School officials say they are keeping close contact with the affected students and meals are getting delivered to them.

The shelter-in-place will last through Sunday, but officials say it could still be shortened or extended.

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