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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — After announcing two coronavirus cases in mid-July, Hilltop High School in the Sweetwater School District now has a third student who tested positive for COVID-19.

The parents of a 15-year-old student and cheerleader at Hilltop High School are sounding the alarm after their daughter tested positive, but they’re worried because she was around dozens of kids before the test result.

“That Friday after we picked her up, she also had Quinceañera practice with her schoolmates,” said one parent, who wanted to stay anonymous due to fear of negative backlash. “What’s alarming is that this thing is spreading so quick and we don’t know who else was exposed to this.” 

Hilltop High School initially sent out a letter notifying parents more than a week ago of possible exposure, and last week, cheer practice was cancelled. However, last weekend, their daughter did attend cheer camp.

“There’s a lot of kids there from different schools, and they weren’t wearing any masks,” the parent said.

The parents are speaking out because they say the school is failing to follow CDC and California Department of Public Health COVID-19 protocols.

“We want the schools to close down and come up with a better solution at enforcing the COVID protocols, as far as kids wearing masks at all times, remaining six feet from one another,” the parent said.

However, they are not without blame. Similarly to a lot of people, they thought their daughter was just experiencing anxiety after her classmate coughed on her, so they allowed her to go to school on Friday and attend other activities, even though she felt sick.

“Friday came along and her symptoms got worse, burning sensation while she’s breathing in her throat, body aches, no taste,” the parent said.

According to a spokesperson of the Sweetwater Union High School District, as of July 30, out of nearly 40,000 district students and staff, there have been 58 positive cases.    

The district has set up daily rapid COVID-19 testing sites that rotate between schools.