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SAN DIEGO — As coronavirus continues to spread, local universities and colleges are assessing how to respond. 

In San Diego County, the University of California and San Diego State University have both announced plans to move most classes online to slow the spread of the virus. Other schools are still assessing the situation.

 “We’re really on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis,” said Grossmont-Cuyamaca College spokeswoman Anne Krueger.” 

The district is working hard to get the message out that students, faculty and staff need to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. But officials are concerned because their supplies of disinfectant are dwindling, and they can’t get more.

“We tried to get extra supplies, but the usual things like online and most stores don’t have it,” Krueger said.

The district has even produced a video to show people how to properly wash their hands.

School officials have had to deal with panic caused by a story posted on a fake online news site claiming that a student at Grossmont College tested positive for coronavirus and the school was shutting down.  That is not true, Krueger said.

“I emphasize, we don’t have any cases at Grossmont now, so we are staying open at this point,” she said.

Students told FOX 5 that they are taking the fake story in stride.

“With Instagram and social media accounts, you have to be wary of all the news and fake stuff,” one student said.

“I’m more thinking about what new stations or the government are not telling us — or trying to read between the lines,” another student said.  “They say, ‘Don’t buy face masks because the professionals need them,’ so that means we have a shortage probably, and they probably need them in the future, so maybe you might want to get one.” He laughed and added, “We also don’t want to cause panic.”