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SAN DIEGO — Crystal Irvin is a local contract specialist who has worked nearly 16 years for the Navy, but she’s not sure how much longer she’ll be able to keep her job because of refusing to get vaccinated for COVID.

“This is our line in the sand,” Irvin said. “We are absolutely willing to fight this. We believe in our individual freedoms.”

Back in September, President Biden announced a vaccination mandate for 3.5 million federal workers.

Irvin is among the more than 100 plaintiffs – federal employees and employees of federal contractors – who are now part of a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

“To tell healthy individuals they must take something they know they do not need – it’s an egregious attack on our freedom,” she said.

Corazon De Cristo Cano is a local contractor with the Navy. He and many plaintiffs have requested religious or medical exemptions.

“When a person’s employment is targeted — in order they are coerced to undergo a medical procedure — that entire picture strikes me as wrong,” Cano said.

Gary Kreep is the lead attorney on the lawsuit filed by the California Constitutional Rights Foundation. He argues the president’s mandate is unconstitutional while certain federal workers are off the hook for taking the vaccine.

“Postal service employees don’t have to be vaccinated, even though they’re federal government employees,” Kreep said. “Other employees, the military, have to be vaccinated. It’s ridiculous.”