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With major events picking back up in San Diego, local doctors are sounding the alarm as the delta variant shows no signs of slowing down.

On Friday, coronavirus cases spiked yet again, reaching a new daily high total since Feb. 5, county officials said.

“COVID infections in general have unfortunately been increasing, they are on the rise,” said Dr. Jyotu Sandhu, of Sharp HealthCare.

Doctors are taking a very close look at the delta variant, but county officials say they are not in any sort of stance to roll back any regulations.

Waterfront Park, located near where the county government is located, is hosting Boots in the Park this weekend.

“When you take a gathering that’s outdoors, but you cram people together in such close proximity, then outdoor ventilation really loses its value,” Sandhu said.

County officials say there are no plans of altering businesses or restricting access to concerts, movie theaters or sporting events.

Sandhu says in order to help stem the delta variant, “get vaccinated so that we don’t have to sacrifice our freedoms.

“We can keep these events open and go back to normalcy quicker, “ he said.