Imperial Beach considers vaccine mandate for city employees


IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. — The Imperial Beach City Council will consider mandating employee vaccinations in a meeting held Wednesday night.

City staff members say they have researched policies from other cities and will present several options for consideration.

“I think the City Council really is truly just trying to navigate this complex situation,” Imperial Beach City Manager Andy Hall said ahead of the discussion Wednesday.

Hall said one reason it has been difficult to create a clear policy is because the information on COVID-19 changes so quickly.

“We’ll get new information from either the CDC or maybe from state, OSHA or something, so these things have been changing so fast,” he told FOX 5.

So far in San Diego County, the City of San Diego is the only local government to mandate vaccination for all their workers as a condition of employment.

At the meeting, the city council will consider five options:

  1. Mandate vaccines as a condition of employment for all city employees. This option requires the Labor Management Team to meet and confer over any impacts (i.e., termination or discipline) in the event employees refuse to vaccinate.
  2. Mandate vaccines as a condition of employment for non-represented employees and new hires only. Medical and religious exemptions must be included for non-represented employees and new hires, and it may require the City to meet and confer with the bargaining group for those new hires that are represented on the potential impacts.
  3. Mandate vaccination for all employees or require weekly negative testing for those that are unvaccinated (including those who declined to provide proof of vaccination).
  4. Extend the proof of vaccination period for 90-days (December 15, 2021) to encourage and allow employees to get vaccinated now that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has been approved, however, this time includes medical and religious exemptions.
  5. No change to the current employee proof of vaccination, however, continue to encourage those who have not been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible to protect their health and the safety of others, and continue to enforce the mask mandate of wearing the masks while indoors or in shared spaces.

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