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SAN DIEGO – Half a dozen groups have canceled upcoming conventions and expositions  at the San Diego Convention Center because of the coronavirus pandemic, officials said Wednesday.

The conventions that have  canceled so far would  have brought more than 45,000 people to San Diego in April and May, Convention Center officials said.

The events that have canceled or postponed meetings in San Diego include:

  • Annual Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Care scheduled for March 18-21, has been canceled. Attendance was estimated at  3,200.
  • American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, which was scheduled for April 24-29. has been postponed. It is not known if it will be rescheduled in San Diego or in an alternate city. The meeting had an estimated attendance of 23,000 people. The event was estimated to bring $73 million to the local economy and  almost $1.5 million in taxes to the city
  • American Medical Group Association, schedule for March 25-28, has been canceled. The estimated attendance at the event was 2,200.
  • Parking Expo, originally scheduled for March 22-25, has been canceled. About 1,200 attendees were expected.
  • Experimental Biology, scheduled for April 4-7, has been canceled. About 15,000 people were expected to attend, with a regional economic impact of nearly $46 million.
  • Kindred, a conference scheduled for May, has been postponed to September 14-17. About 2,000 people are expected to attend.

Later this summer, Comic-Con, the city’s largest annual convention, is scheduled to run from July 23-26. So far, no announcement has been made about canceling or  postponing the wildly popular annual comic and popular culture convention.