Got COVID-19 vaccine questions? Nonprofit offers answers with new website, hotline


SAN DIEGO – Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? You’re far from alone.

In an effort to address vaccination queries, Neighborhood Healthcare is investing in education with the launch of a new website, hotline and other tools intended to boost patients’ confidence in getting the vaccine. The new informational tools are being rolled out Friday.

“There’s too many people still that are afraid to get the vaccine or are taking a wait-and-see approach,” said Dr. Jim Schultz, chief medical officer at Neighborhood Healthcare.

Two studies on the Pfizer and Modern vaccine have been extensive with each reporting few side effects, Schultz said. Some include soreness, mild fever, rashes and allergic reactions. Six such instances of vaccine side effects were reported Wednesday at the “Vaccination Super Station” near Petco Park, temporarily slowing down operations.

Schultz said the organization is trying to “emphasize the science behind the vaccine.”

“There’s been millions of people vaccinated now and that side effect rate, so far it looks to be less than most other vaccines that we’ve been doing for years,” he said.

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