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SAN DIEGO — Chefs Brandon Sloan and Chris Gentile were stuck at home after getting furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic, but they didn’t want to stop cooking.

Seeing the hard work of health care professionals and other essential workers, they decided to use their own craft to pitch in, cooking Italian food and trying fun new recipes, then donating some of the results to front-line workers.

Sloan and Gentile couldn’t do it without help from their fiancés, who run the “Pandemic Pizza” social media account and help with the operation from start to finish. The weddings are on hold, and with all four quarantined together, they’re making the most of this unexpected time. All the work that goes into the project is worth it when they get a chance to deliver the food to workers.

Anyone else who wants to give the food a try can purchase an order from the group too, and there’s also an option to buy food that you’d like Pandemic Pizza to donate to first responders.

You can contact the chefs directly on Instagram.