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SAN DIEGO — San Diego County is continuing to expand its vaccine rollout despite its supply running low.

More doses are essential to keeping the county’s vaccination super stations afloat, including the newest one slated to open Friday at Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said he expects a significant rise in supply around early March. He says the county would prefer to set up the infrastructure to quickly use the vaccines it has rather than wait for guaranteed doses.

“We could administer signification more vaccines on a daily basis with the networks of sites that we built out along with what other providers can do in the region,” Fletcher said Thursday in a news conference. “We just need the supply to kick up. We don’t know when, we think the next few weeks will probably be about what they’ve been the last week or so but we are hopefully and optimistic that by early March, we will see a significant increase and then we can move more rapidly through.”

San Diego County currently ranks among the top counties in the state in the number of doses being administered.