College Area residents worried SDSU outbreak will spread off campus


SAN DIEGO — Some residents living near San Diego State University are feeling frustrated — and a little nervous — as the number of coronavirus cases tied to the campus grows, potentially bringing business closures and virus cases to their neighborhood.

“We used to do a lot of our shopping at Trader Joe’s – I won’t go anywhere near Trader Joe’s right now … too many college students,” Alex Houston told FOX 5 Thursday. “I am concerned. They’re careless – driving by, I see kids running around without masks all the time.”

Houston and her family live in the College Area, and they’ve been watching warily as cases at SDSU rise above 700.

The school’s outbreak has taken center stage as the county tries to find ways to avert moving into California’s restrictive “purple tier” of health precautions, which is looking more and more likely to happen next Tuesday. The county requested that university population cases not be counted against the region’s totals, butpr state officials have not seemed receptive.

“Selfishly, I wish we could exclude the SDSU cases so we could stay in Tier 2 and have all our businesses open … (but it) doesn’t make sense because those kids are living in the community,” Houston said. “If you set that precedent in San Diego, then that’s something you have to do everywhere.”

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