Businesses call for reopening plans separate from state’s

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SAN DIEGO — A group of small business is calling for county leaders to defy the state’s COVID-19 restrictions and come up with their own reopening plans.

San Diego County is on the verge of sliding back to a more restrictive tier in the state’s monitoring system because of an increased case rate.

If the state moves the county to the purple tier, restaurants and many other businesses would be required to stop indoor operations, again. The county would have to wait a minimum of three weeks before moving back to less restrictive tiers.

“We won’t be able to operate. We won’t have any income coming in. So the dominos will start to fall, houses will be gone, livelihoods lost and a greater unemployment number,” Angie Weber, owner of Cowboy Star Restaurant downtown, said. 

Weber said she and other small businesses plan to hold a rally ahead of a Board of Supervisors special meeting Monday. They will urge leaders to create reopening plans separate from the state’s system. 

“Our leaders live and work here,” Weber said. “They know what’s best for the county.”

Weber said her restaurant has been in her family for 12 years. She fears she might lose it if restrictions are put back in place. 

“You have businesses that opened. They filled their inventories and then two weeks later they are shut down again. The cost of that is not survivable,” she said.

The rally is planned for 4 p.m. at the county administration building.

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