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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection will require essential border-crossers to be fully vaccinated before entering the United States starting Saturday.

Truckers, students and other essential workers who are non-U.S. citizens will now have to declare proof of vaccination to cross into the country, according to border officials. The U.S. will require proof of vaccination from all foreign nationals crossing from Mexico and Canada.

Sophia Rodriguez and her friend Darrianna Moreno cross the border several times a week.

“I think they got to take care of the people that live here, so I think that’s fine,” Moreno said. “I think that’s fair enough.”

Not everyone agrees with the new border regulations.

“That’s a little extreme for Border Patrol people on the streets to ask for that kind of information,” border-crosser Rama Ji said. “To cross the border, it might be OK for them to have that control.”

However, returning American citizens and lawful permanent residents of the U.S. will not have to show proof.

“I think everyone should be required to have them, not just the people that live in Mexico because there’s many people who haven’t gotten the vaccinations over here and if you’re like demanding from us, I think it’s fair that you demand from your own people,” Moreno said.

To keep traffic moving at the border though, authorities will accept verbal declarations, but travelers must carry their proof of vaccination status and be prepared to show it, if asked.

“If governments require it,” Ji said. “Mexico doesn’t require it. You can go through the airports and nobody requires it. I mean this is the politics standing of the United States and let them.”

Meanwhile, COVID-19 testing is not yet required for entry via a land port of entry or ferry terminal.