SAN DIEGO — Approximately three years ago, a mysterious illness swept the globe, prompting first-of-kind lockdowns that made once bustling cities like San Diego stand still.

A virus, which came to be known as COVID-19, caused widespread illness that prodded the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic.

In March of 2020, schools were forced to close their doors, employees began working from home and social distancing abruptly became the new norm.

The sandy beaches along San Diego’s Pacific coast became empty, the roller coasters at SeaWorld went silent and the region’s ever-busy roadways were nearly deserted as residents waited out the outbreak of the unknown.

Now, three years later, San Diegans can look back to March 2020 as a time of remembrance.

Join FOX 5 Videographer Aaron Eudaley on an aerial tour of San Diego during quarantine in the video below.

San Diego has returned to its lively and vibrant role in Southern California as post-pandemic life continues on.