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SAN DIEGO — A handful of coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the San Diego lifeguard community.

“We had four lifeguards test positive. We have another four who are exhibiting symptoms,” said Ed Harris, spokesperson for San Diego Lifeguard Union. Harris is pushing for guards who believe they have been exposed to be sent home for quarantine until they are cleared by a test. Lifeguard officials say the are well prepared to make that determination.

“The staff is set up, the support system is set up, we have three doctors advising us at the command post,” San Diego Lifeguard Chief James Gartland said.

Harris says with roughly 115 guards, he’s concerned about a full spread.

“Thats a high percentage of the workforce so clearly we have a cluster in the lifeguard service,” Harris said.

Gartland says his message to the guards is simple. 

“Nobody is ordering anyone to come to work, and there is relief staff. So if they call in sick, they just don’t come to work and they monitor their symptoms,” he said.

The beaches remain closed but it will be up to San Diegans to stay home to prevent further spread of the virus.