Coronavirus evacuees prepare for release from quarantine at Miramar

Data pix.

SAN DIEGO – As nearly 165 people prepare to leave quarantine and head towards the exits at MCAS Miramar Tuesday morning, many are choosing to leave something behind.

Hand-written letters taped to the counter contained messages for staff. One reads, "You are the best. Thank you so much.”

"I'm grateful and thankful to the U.S. Government and the staff here," another note says. "You have done very, very well, very attentively, and very warmly. Especially the staff in the early stage put in a lot of energy and high efficiency to make us live happyily.”

Yu Lin, one of the passengers in quarantine, posted the messages to social media Monday. The Minnesota resident says he hopes to be released by noon. He says they’ve been told they will be shuttled to nearby train stations or airports to catch rides home. He says they’ve been offered loans for tickets if they can’t afford to get home on their own.

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