Coronado residents sound off about Port’s plans for Ferry Landing

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CORONADO, Calif. – Over 100 people showed up at the community center in Coronado Monday night to listen to a proposed plan to make changes to 34 miles of waterfront property around San Diego.

The Master Plan was most recently designed in 1981 and encompasses areas from Shelter Island all the way down to Imperial Beach. However, there are many parts of the plan proposal that has residents in Coronado concerned.

“It’s a zoo,” Nancy Strickland said of the streets around town. “We don’t need any more of it.”

“There are too many tourists,” said another woman at the plan meeting Monday. “Too many day trippers and too much traffic and this will only add to it.”

What the residents are referring to is one specific part of the plan revolving around the Ferry Landing. The plan leaves open the possibility for future developments which could include a 350-room hotel.

“Why would you do that,” questioned Sandy Aaupp, a Coronado resident. “We don’t need another hotel in Coronado.”

“The port is in the business of making money,” another Coronado resident said in front of the crowd Monday. “The rest of us are interested in our lifestyle. What is Coronado to us? It’s not highrise and it’s not parking garages.”

The representatives from the Port of San Diego maintained that the plan isn’t concrete and they’ll be taking public concerns through July 31. They say the plan is just the blueprint and future projects have yet to be formulated to go on top of it.

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey says the plan that’s been in place since 1981 needed some overhaul. He says there are parts of the plan that would revamp parts of the city.

“I’m really encouraged to see so many from Coronado come out and voice their opinions, voice their concerns,” Bailey said.

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