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CORONADO, Calif. – Concerned residents spoke before the Coronado City Council Tuesday night to discuss the rising number of pedestrian accidents on the notoriously dangerous Fourth Street.

Joshua Schmid was the victim of the road’s third major pedestrian accident in the last 18 months. The second-year college student was struck by a car while taking the trash out.

“I just remember pain and confusion and that’s about it,” said the political science major. “I suffered from a skull fracture and had internal hemorrhaging, but fortunately nothing else in my body was hurt. I’m so grateful to be up and moving around like I am.”

Dozens of steel staples hold the teens head together while his fractured skull heals. He felt compelled to speak before the council.

“This has to stop. I know it’s not an easy solution, but please keep pressing the issue and do your best,” said Schind. “I don’t want to see another accident happen on Fourth Street. Just please, do everything you can.”

Coronado Mayor Casey Tanaka has resisted any safety measures, fearing one signal could lead to three street lights, changing the flow of traffic for the island community.

“Someone always brings up signal lights and I’ll say it again: I am unequivocally against street lights because I believe they won’t have any effect on the safety of Coronado,” Tanaka said at the meeting.