Congressman attempts to raise federal funds to shore up bluffs

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ENCINITAS Calif. – Congressman Mike Levin is attempting to raise federal funds to shore up the bluffs in Encinitas and Solana Beach after three people were killed August 2, from a serious bluff failure.

“The next tragedy is thoroughly preventable if we can only get out of our own way,” said Congressman Levin.

At the Del Mar City Hall Thursday, the congressman representing the 49th District discussed his plans to shore up the bluffs along the coastline.  He said the bluff stabilization project would be executed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

“I actually wrote a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers asking them for long, overdue funding for the Encinitas and Solana Beach bluff project,” said Congressman Levin.  “Three days later, we had a tragedy.”

He said his priority is to protect the people on the beach.

“This is not about recreation, it’s not about tourism,” said Congressman Levin.  “It’s about safety.”

There have been homeowners and Coastal Commission legal battles for decades about what should be done with the future of the cliffs.

Congressman Levin says with the support of the federal government’s funding, he believes the bluffs can be secured and the sand can be replenished.

“It’s going to mean more sand and it’s going to mean a berm,” said Congressman Levin.  “It’s going to ultimately be done in an environmentally safe way.”

Levin says he has strong support from Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein for a $700,000 jumpstart in this project.

“The cities of Encinitas and Solana Beach have invested millions of dollars to get to this point where they are now and are ready for the federal government to step in and get this project over the finish line so we can actually begin the process of securing the coast.”



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