Pacific Beach residents weigh in on proposed scooter parking locations

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SAN DIEGO — Community leaders and residents are discussing where to park the controversial dockless scooters.

Parking spaces for scooters and bikes have already been created in the downtown area and now the City of San Diego is working to create so-called corrals in other parts of the city like La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach.

“I live in southwest PB, just a couple blocks from here and we have many, many scooters parked on sidewalks, so people are tripping over the scooters,” Marcie Beckett said.

“We have had the scooters dumped on this community with no input at all,” resident Marcella Teran, said.

To have a say, several homeowners showed up to the Pacific Beach Planning Group’s special meeting Wednesday to discuss more than 200 proposed scooter parking locations.

“Maybe this will help call and bring more order to the problem that we have,” Teran said.

Pacific Beach residents with whom FOX 5 spoke said they support the idea of corrals but want to make sure they are placed in the right place.

“There was a little bit of debate over how close should the corrals be to the boardwalk,” Beckett said.

The Pacific Beach Planning Group voted to hand recommendations and concerns over to the city for review. Residents are now waiting to see the outcome.

“Apparently they’re working downtown. I don’t really know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see,” Beckett said.

The city said concerns about corral locations should be directed to either the mayor, city council members or the Transportation and Storm Water Department.

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