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SAN DIEGO — If you’ve been ticketed recently for parking on the street during street sweeping hours, you may get a refund.

That’s because the city hasn’t been doing it’s part when it comes to keeping San Diego’s streets clean, according to the City Council Environmental Committee.

FOX 5 has learned at least half of the city’s 16 sweeping trucks are parked and aren’t being used.

“The problem appears to be that the vehicles that are meant to go and sweep are non-functioning,” said City Councilman David Alvarez, who chairs the Environmental Committee.

His committee has ordered an investigation to find out why, but he says vehicle maintenance may have suffered because of recent efficiency layoffs.  But one thing the city hasn’t stopped doing is ticketing vehicles for being parked on the street during street sweeping hours.

“I don’t think that’s right,” said City Councilmember Todd Gloria.

The city has already granted refunds to residents, according to Gloria.

“We really want to encourage folks to speak out about that and try to use the appeals process to forgive that,” said Gloria.

Sources told FOX 5 city workers are currently in the process of coordinating to stop giving out tickets until the street sweeping issue is resolved.

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