City Council to decide on dockless scooter regulations

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SAN DIEGO — San Diego City Council members are expected to decide on a set of dockless scooter regulations Tuesday afternoon.

Before the discussion at 2 p.m., Bird, Lime and Circulate San Diego will host a group ride from Waterfront Park to City Hall.

To get a handle on the dockless scooter and bike situation, city leaders have come up with proposed rules that include speed reduction in certain areas like the boardwalks and the embarcadero, scooter staging to keep them from cluttering sidewalks, data sharing and fees. City leaders told FOX 5 if passed, dockless companies would have to pay a more than $5,000 permit fee every six months on top of a $150 fee for each device operated in the city.

Advocates of the scooters call them a sustainable and affordable alternative to car travel.

โ€œI save gas and for two, itโ€™s fun. I like to get the wind in my face,โ€ rider Jeff Walker said.

Opponents call the two-wheeled devices dangerous.

โ€œIt has gotten so overwhelming. Thereโ€™s so many scooters everywhere,โ€ Danielle Corry said. โ€œI mean, if they were maybe picked up or a little bit more organized it would be nice but the lack of laws and them all over the sidewalks, especially walking two dogs, is a little hard.”

If the council approves the regulations, the city said they will go into effect July 1.

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