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SAN DIEGO – The San Diego City Council is disputing some of the findings of a grand jury report that found the city was slow to regulate electric scooter companies.

Council members unanimously approved an official response Monday to the grand jury report released in June. In its response, the city partially disputed that it was slow to regulate electric scooter companies compared to other similarly sized cities. The city cited its Shared Mobility Device Ordinance issued in May that aimed to regulate how companies state scooters and enforce speed restrictions, among other things.

The city, however, did not dispute the finding that “reckless and improper use of scooters has resulted in one death and many injuries.” Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry used her time during the meeting to echo ongoing safety concerns.

Overall, the city’s response notes it has implemented all three recommendations put forth in the San Diego County Grand Jury report: instituting rules for scooter companies, having contracts with those companies that protect the city from liability or damages, and providing additional resources for the San Diego Police Department so it can better enforce laws surrounding electric scooters. But council members acknowledged they still have work to do.

“We have let a new technology overtake us instead of us being in control of what happens in our city,” said Bry.

The City Council president is expected to present the city’s response to the presiding judge of the Superior Court no later than December 13.