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SAN DIEGO – Several hundred students walked out of classes at San Diego City College Tuesday and held their own version of a Ferguson protest.

Unlike some of the Ferguson protests, the students peacefully protested. It stemmed from other protests that happened nationally throughout several college campuses.

The group organized the gathering on social media with the message #HandsUpWalkOut.

“We started screaming, ‘hands up, walk out,'” said student Luis Lopez. “Not only for Ferguson but for the 43 students missing in Mexico. I’m a minority in this country. When it happens to a brother on the other side of the country, it happens to us here.”

At exactly 1:01 p.m. students from across campus met in the quad area of building AH.

“We’re fighting for justice and transparency,” said student Bianca Elisa Arellano. “I think there needs to be systemic change and it needs to be from the people.”

Several students broke out in a “die-in” demonstration in remembrance of Michael Brown and the many who have died during unjust circumstances, they said.

“Finally it looks like people are waking up, people are coming back and getting ready to stand up and demand the rights the same way they did in the 60’s,” said Paul Alexander, a professor at City College who joined the students in protest. “I was proud to support the students because today they are actually acting upon the lessons they are taught in the classroom.”

The students plan to organize more protests in the coming weeks.


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