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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The City of Oceanside has broken ground on its new water purification facility.

The facility, named Pure Water Oceanside, will look to treat waste water and turn it into drinkable water. 

Treated water from the city’s San Luis Rey Wastewater Plant will be taken and treated again, water officials explained. Water will go through a three-step purification process before it is returned to the ground. 

“This type of technology that will be involved with Pure Water Oceanside is a proven technology,” said Cari Dale, director of the treatment plant. “It’s used all around the world, from Singapore to the Middle East. It’s also used in the Orange County area and supplies water to Disneyland. So people have been drinking this water for a very long time.”

The $67 million project seeks to reduce the city’s dependence on imported water by more than 30%.

“Most of San Diego receives its water from imported supplies. It travels a very long way to get here. It’s susceptible to earthquakes, it’s susceptible to droughts,” Dale said. “This is one of those local supplies that helps shore up the water supplies for the region.”

According to officials, it will be the first operating advance water purification facility in San Diego County. The facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.