Chula Vista woman finalist for one-way trip to Mars

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A Chula Vista woman is chosen as a finalist to be one of 24 people to go on a one-way mission to Mars.

“I think a successful man trip to mars would be the pinnacle of human achievement and I want in on that,” said 32-year-old Carmen Paul.

Paul has been in the Air Force and National Guard for 14-years; traveling to  Mars she said is a childhood dream.

“I don’t want to sit there and watch it when it happens, I want to be there,” said Paul.

Paul is one of 200,000 contestants to apply for the mission. She is now one of 100 finalists, but before she is chosen, she will have to go through a series of physical and psychological tests.

The non-profit company “Mars One,” will have to spend billions on the technology and training necessary for the trip.

“It really is a kamikaze trip, you have to understand you’re not coming back,” said astronomer Dennise Mammana. “Then you have the psychological problems, just being cooped up for two years knowing there is no chance of coming back.”

According to Mammana the trip could take up to two-years depending on the route and speed of the spacecraft.

“I think this is incredibly ambitious, overly ambitious I think,” said Mammana. “Because we don’t have the technology, figure what are you going to go for food, for water, for waste, for repairs?”

Mars One is planning to launch the trip is 2024 and is considering holding the final round of selections via reality TV for the remaining contestants.

The final 100 contestants, 50 women and 50 men range between 19 to 60 years old.

“I am the perfect candidate because of my technical military background. I am not stranger to regimented schedules and we are taught leadership and teamwork,” said Paul.

If she is chosen, Paul will be leaving behind her husband to participate on the trip.

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