Chula Vista supports gun control legislation

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The City Of Chula Vista sent a clear message to Washington on gun violence Tuesday by unanimously adopting a resolution that aims to make is harder for some people to get their hands on guns.

Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox said everyone has a right to feel safe.

“People have every right to send their children to school and believe they will come home safely,” she said at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Following hundreds of other cities across the country, Chula Vista adopted a resolution that supports gun laws nationally.

The new legislation will close loop holes in gun sales background checks, get military assault style weapons off the streets and make gun trafficking a federal offense.

“I don’t know anyone, personally, who’s not a member of the SWAT or not a member of the military who would need to have an assault weapon to protect themselves,” said Cox.

It’s called the Fix Gun Checks Act.  It would require the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to include the mentally ill.

“If background checks indicated that someone should not have possession of a gun was entered into that data base maybe we would have so many lives lost across the country,” said Cox.

The resolution is strongly supported by the bi-partisan group – Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which Cox is a members. It also has the support of Chula Vista Chief of Police David Bejarano.

“It’s reasonable and it respects the rights of gun owners,” said Bejarano. “This is simply to take guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and mentally ill persons.”

The resolution listed 11 recent mass shootings involving assault style weapons and/or mentally ill people who were not listed on the National Criminal Instant Background check data base. The resolution aims to force Washington to take immediate action.

“If it’s a private gun seller or gun show, individuals can walk in and buy several guns without a background check,” said Bejarano. “These are a lot of the times individuals that should not be in possession of a handgun. We’re trying to close that loop hole.”

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