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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A man involved in a dispute with his neighbor attacked a responding police officer, stabbing the cop several times in the head, face and arm before the officer shot and killed his assailant inside a Chula Vista home, police said Wednesday.

The suspect, identified Wednesday morning as 27-year-old David Scott, initially survived the shooting but later died on the way to a hospital, Chula Vista Police Lt. Kenny Heinz said. The officer suffered five to six stab wounds that required stitches but not surgery, and he was expected to make a full recovery.

The shooting was reported at 10:28 p.m. Tuesday in the 700 block of Monterey Avenue, Chula Vista police said. Before that, a man living in a home that shared a backyard fence with Scott’s home reported that Scott threw a roughly softball-size chunk of concrete over the fence, striking him in the shoulder.

Two officers were dispatched to that dispute and determined the concrete- throwing incident constituted a felony assault, Heinz said. The officers identified Scott as the suspect and went to the home at 728 Monterey Ave. to speak with him.

Scott’s mother allowed the officers inside the home, CVPD Capt. Vern Sallee said.

“As the first officer entered the residence through the front door, the suspect quickly and unexpectedly lunged around a corner and attacked the officer,” Heinz said. “The officer initially thought the suspect was punching him, but quickly realized he was being stabbed by the suspect.”

The officer fired his service handgun several times, striking the suspect multiple times, Heinz said. After the shooting, the second officer and a civilian CVPD chaplain helped the wounded officer out of the house to wait for medical help.

“All of the stab wounds were serious, but he did not have to go into surgery,” Sallee said. “The officer has received stitches in all of the wounds and is now resting comfortably at UCSD (Medical Center) and doing well, expected to fully recover.”

After the violent encounter, backup officers “entered the residence to find the suspect on the floor with multiple gunshot wounds,” Heinz said. “The suspect was alert and officers rendered aid until the suspect was transported to a local hospital via ambulance.”

But on the way to Scripps Mercy Hospital, Scott died from his wounds, Heinz said.

Police said Friday identrified the the injured policeman as Officer David Sacks, a 1½ year veteran of Chula Vista police force.

The CVPD’s violent crimes unit is investigating the incident with help from the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, Heinz said.