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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The City of Chula Vista was prepared to take action at Tuesday’s special meeting, making granny flats more affordable and accessible to the public, but decided to put those plans on hold due to a bill making its way to the governor’s desk.

Chula Vista residents spoke out at the meeting, making it clear that they’d like to see some changes in the process and cost to build an accessory dwelling unit, also known as a granny flat.

“I will have to say that the cost of the impact fees along with just fees and themselves are very, very high,” one resident said.

“We were thinking about building a unit for my parents of $100,000 but it’s $25,000 in impact fees,” said another man.

City councilmembers were mostly on board with making the process easier and were prepared to take away the requirement that states that the owner of a granny flat must still live on the property. However, state legislation that deals directly with fees and requirements for people wanting to build these additional units on their property is pending. Because of that, the council decided to hit pause on their own ordinance until Gov. Gavin Newsom finalizes guidelines that will trickle down throughout the entire state.

The Chula Vista City Council is set to meet again on October 22, and its members are hoping the governor will have signed the bill by then.