Chinese officials using traditional medicine in fight against coronavirus

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SAN DIEGO — Chinese officials are using a traditional Chinese medicine to help fight coronavirus, and the remedy has been met with both skepticism and support.

Dr. Yequing Chen, a local doctor who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine, says it may help. But she also acknowledges that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have any FDA-approved treatment or vaccine to treat coronavirus.

When you walk into Dr. Chen’s Office, you’ll see acupuncture needles and traditional Chinese herbs and remedies.

“We take care of symptoms but we also meanwhile treat the root cause so then the patient can get the better results,” she said.

When she heard health officials in China discovered that the combined herbal oral liquid remedy Shuanhuanglian could be used to “inhibit” coronavirus, she said it made sense.

“They use the Chinese herbs to treat this virus and 80% cases they use Chinese herbs and get pretty good results,” Dr. Chen said.

But some medical experts questioned whether the findings were supported by clinical evidence from treating coronavirus patients.

Dr. Chen has a friend who lives in Wuhan. She says these herbs can help but recommends following CDC guidelines.

“Follow the CDC’s directions, you know, you need to wear the masks, use hand sanitizer, try to stay home,” Dr. Chen said.

The World Health Organization says to date, there is no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the novel coronavirus.

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