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SAN DIEGO – After ESPN reported that the San Diego Chargers plan to announce as early as Thursday they are moving to Los Angeles, a few fans gathered at Chargers Park in Murphy Canyon, where one person threw eggs at the front doors of the team headquarters.

The person left before police arrived on the scene and a police report was filed. Security ordered people to leave the premises.

Police officers told FOX 5 they will be at the headquarters through the night and plan to be at Qualcomm Stadium Thursday.

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San Diegans’ reactions to the report were mixed.

“It’s very sad, however, I think the San Diego Chargers fans have had a lot of chances to support their team and as a result they didn’t support them in a way that they should have and that’s why they’re moving…it is what it is and we’ll continue to support them,” one fan told FOX 5.

“My reaction to it is, ‘I’ll see ya.’ I don’t like the fact that nowadays, people have to buy a stadium for people that are making a lot of money so if we don’t have to buy them a stadium, and they don’t want to build their own, I’m glad to see them go,” another fan said.