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SAN DIEGO – Friends and family held a celebration of life Tuesday to remember a young San Diego college student killed aboard the Ukrainian jetliner mistakenly shot down by Iran earlier this month.

Sara Saadat, 23, was an Alliant International University student. She died along with 175 others on board the plane that took off shortly after Iran sent a barrage of missiles at a U.S. base in Iraq.

Saadat’s was vacationing with her mother and sister in Iran. All three were on the plane, and all died.

Saadat’s bother, Armin Collosi, attended Tuesday’s Celebration of Life at the university. He talked with FOX 5 afterward, sharing his confusion and anger.

“I was trying to understand what led to this moment,” Collosi said. “I was frustrated, because people were calling for justice. There’s no justice.  How do you bring justice to those people on that plane?”

Collosi talked about the impact he expected his sisters could have had on the world, and what he would miss most about Sara.

“My sisters had so much potential in life.  They wanted to impact the community.  They felt value in giving back,” he said.

Collosi said his family plans to start a scholarship to honor the memory of his two sisters.