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ENCINITAS, Calif — It was standing room only at Cardiff Elementary Thursday, as locals and alumni voiced concerns over the multi-million dollar redevelopment project.

The latest plan would expand the footprint of the school, adding new buildings to an open space area.

Concerned locals complain the new plan would curtail a dog park, block ocean views and cut down decades-old Torrey Pines trees which were planted by former Cardiff Elementary students in the 60s.

“The community doesn’t want it! You heard us,” shouted one man who felt he wasn’t being heard.

Administrators say the school needs to expand because more families have moved into the district.

“The main purpose of this school is to educate children. It’s not a park, it’s to educate children,” said Mark Whitehouse, a trustee of the school district.

The future design has still not been determined.

“We are in the schematic design phase of the project, so there will be many changes that take place throughout the project from here going forward.  We are happy to have that feedback,” school trustee Siena Randall said.