Car camera records driver’s reckless habits

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SAN DIEGO - Distracted driving is not only a common behavior it can also be a deadly one.

Chris Paetow, 17, volunteered to allow Fox 5 to install a camera in his car and spy on his driving skills for a week.

The camera only activates and records when there is an anomaly said Lytx Corporate Communications Director Greg Lund.  It records eight seconds before the event and four seconds after it.

“There has to be an event like a like a hard brake or a sharp turn or something like that,” Lund said.

The captured videos are uploaded to a server which can be accesses and enhanced training then offered.  The company also offers predictive analytics to determine the riskiest behaviors and the chances of being in a crash.

At the end of the week, Paetow and his parents learned some valuable lessons.

The video caught him on his cell phone 49 times in a five day period, running stop signs and reversing too fast.    He was also seen tailgating, instead of giving the other driver at least three seconds following distance.

“I realized some things that I just did not noticed in person that seemed dangerous and risked others lives of other drivers. That was a big shocker and I’ll work on that,” said Paetow after sitting down with a driving coach and seeing himself on camera.

TheLytx DriveCam program, based in San Diego, claims to have the potential of preventing 25,000 collisions annually.

Con-Way Freight out of Kearny Mesa uses the cameras to see areas of improvement for fleet drivers.

“We can see exactly what that driver was doing just prior to an event and immediately after,” said Randy Allen with Con-Way freight.

Lund said the goal at the end of the day is to reduce distractions and ultimately save lives.  The camera costs $50 a month and comes with a 12 month minimum contract.

Parents can also put the cameras in their teen’s vehicles and some insurance providers offer discounted rates to those who do use them.

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