Cancer patient with amnesia desperately seeks family

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – A woman with amnesia was found wandering the streets of Carlsbad in February and fears she’ll die of cancer before finding out her identity.

“Sam” was picked up by firefighters on February 1 after they saw her walking around barely conscious on street corner in Carlsbad, according to Sky News.  She was taken to a hospital to be medically evaluated.  Medical tests determined Sam had amnesia and was gravely ill with ovarian cancer.

Since, she had surgery to remove a volleyball-sized tumor and doctors believe her amnesia played a factor in the growth of it.

Sam says she was told the cancer is spreading and is desperate to find out her true identity and family.

With the assistance of people she met at the hospital, Sam made a Facebook page asking for help.

The Facebook page describes Sam as a white woman in her 50s, 5-feet, 7-inches and weighs 200 pounds. She has blonde highlighted hair, brown eyes, a chipped front tooth, near-sighted and is right handed. When Sam was found she was wearing a navy blue t-shirt with Annapolis Harbor and anchors on it, blue shorts, Sperry boat shoes and Burberry tie made in England.

Sam speaks with an Australian and/or British accent, knows some French and has memories of Hawaii.

According to Sky News, the FBI checked her fingerprints, but failed to find a match.

Sam’s story has been shared across the world through social media.

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