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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The California Waterboards showed a state-wide drop in water usage and some regions of the state exhibited a drop of up to 17%.

The waterboard said at a statewide level in June of 2014 California residents used 131 gallons per capita daily (GPCD) compared to June of 2022 residents used 101 GPCD. In June of 2021 California residents used 112 GPCD.

Kern County uses water provided by the California Water Service Company Bakersfield from the Tulare Lake hydrologic region, and the California Water Service Company Antelope Valley, which uses the South Lahontan hydrologic region, according to the waterboard.

According to the waterboard, the California Water Service Company of Bakersfield had a cummulative drop of 5.5% and the California Water Service Company Antelope Valley, which Kern shares with Los Angeles, dropped 7.4%.

In differing regions of California the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, which provides water to Humboldt County from the North Coast hydrological region, had the highest cummulative drop of 36.2%, according to the waterboard.

Whereas the Sierra Madre City of Los Angeles, which provides water for Los Angeles County from the South Coast hydrolocial region, dropped 0.3%, according to the waterboard.

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